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What you should Never Do!

Never be late for your appointment

    If you are late for your appointment, i only will be take photos of the remaining time of your appointment, for example:

    your appointment is at 7pm and you arrive at 7:45 pm, i will only take 15 minutes of photos and if you still get to the appointment to change your maternity gown or outfit, and it takes you to change you 10 minutes will only take 5 minutes of photos.

    I know there are problems with traffic, make-up artist, children, etc. but for that you make an appointment at a certain time to arrive on time.

    If you know that you are a person who is always late, please start to prepare all (makeup, hair, outfits, accesories)  4 hours before your appointment, so you do not have any inconvenience, if you live far from the location, plan to leave an hour and a half before your appointment, it is better to arrive early that late

Never text me like 100 times to ask if your photos are already  or how are your photos coming out??

Never send me text with more of one ? it's really rude that you send me a text with many question marks? for example:

      client: hi paulina, mi photos are ready?

      client: ??????

      client: ???????

      client:??????? so??

      client: paulina?????????

      client: paulina yesterday we have a session with you and i wonder if the

      photos are ready??????????????????

 Paulina: Sorry Client i was taking newborn photos and with this type of  photos i don't have my cellphone with me, all my attention is for my newborn baby, i do not answer quickly because the session lasts 3 to 4 hours I hope you understand.

Never is allowed to take photos during the photographic session, neither by the client, nor by relatives of the client. please avoid the trouble of telling them to save their camera or to leave the studio or the session.

Never book a family session or any type of session and ask that for the price of a that session, you want different sessions for  the price of one for example:

    Last time i book a family session and one hour before the session the mom call me and and she asked me to take me props of my cake smash session so that her baby could take photos because in the next days I was one year old.

 so i tell her so sorry but she book a family session not a cake smash! 

she answered, that the family session had 25 photos and she wanted 10 family photos, 10 cake smash photos, and 5 senior photos because her son needed his senior session.

*****this can not be done if you need several sessions you have to book them individually and pay separately*****


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