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Models and Trade Session 


Hi Models! I am so happy to work with you, you are so perfect for my session.

but you need read this before I take the photos:

* If i don't provide the Makeup and hair style

*Models are required to come in with professional hair and make up. 

*Models need sign a model release contract 

*For Kids Minis You will get at least 5 digital photos with print release and download link 

*For Maternity Models at least 2 photos for each gown your model print release and download link.

*Adult or senior models if you model different outfits you will get 2 photos of each outfit, sometimes 3 photos.

*Sometimes I require a fee of  $  to cover the cost of the shoot (ask Paulina if there is a fee or if it is free session)

*Sometimes Professionals Models Call me for a trade session, my trade session is the same you will get around 10+ photos, i don't provide props.

* You need be nice with me, i don't like my models demand more than my clients!

*I do not like you to send me messages every day to see if your photos are ready.

*They will be sent a link with the sneak peek and as time goes by they will be adding more photos.

* My priority is always to first edit the photos of my clients and in my spare time photos of my models or trade sessions.

*When you put a picture in your social media please always tag me as a photographer.

*Remember before accepting, all edited photos will be used in my social media, promos, website and more.

*Also prohibited, that you edit my photos, add filters them or alter their original form, please respect my work.

thank you very much for working with me.

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