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Newborn Session

Congratulation!!!! If you are looking at this page then that means you must have a bundle of joy on the way....or maybe two....or three (god bless you!)


Thank you for choosing Paulina Martinez Photography 

Once you've decided that you want to have a professional to capture the first few days of your new baby's life in art form you will want to contact me prior to the birth of your baby. It's best to book prior to the birth so that you have a spot in my calendar! I suggest to book approximately 6 weeks prior to your due date. If you didn't find me until now and you are due soon or have already had your baby I may still be able to book you in! There are not guarantees if you book last minute or contact me after your baby is born. So be safe and book NOW!

Here is a little bit of information that will help you to know what to expect during your photo session.

Once you've brought that beautiful new little person into the world you need to contact me within the first 48 hours of birth. Typically after birth you end up in recovery and just kinda hang out and try to get some "rest" but end up bored in between snuggling your new bundle of love!

Depending on how and when you end up giving birth will determine how long you and your baby's stay will be in the hospital. As long as everyone is happy and healthy (always what we hope for) a natural birth is normally 2-3 days and a C-section is normally 4+ days. I prefer to book newborn sessions between the first 5-10 days of life they are sleepy and don’t mind to be curled up in the cuddly poses we put them in. Because this window of time is very short.


By this time you've gotten home and have a about a week under your belt figuring out how to live like a zombie with your new bundle of no-sleeping, pooping, constantly eating-new love of your life! It also helps siblings adjust if you have other children. If you are breast feeding the first several days are a transition from colostrum to breast milk and can be rough on both Mom and baby. Normally by day 5 you've both figured it out, your milk has come in, and the insanity has become slightly more "normal".


It is important to get in within the first 2-ish weeks of life because once your baby is older than 12-21 days he/she will be awake a little more often and less flexible. That does NOT mean I can't work with older babies! If you haven't found me until your baby is over the age range stated above that doesn't mean I can't book you in for a "newborn styled session" and offer some sleepy and some awake images. It's not an ideal age for super sleepy poses but it can be done and is totally worth capturing their newness even over the "suggested age."

_32A4052 copy.jpg

Each full newborn session typically averages about 3 hours and are booked for 4 hours, this session are only available Monday to Friday Morning Time. Please a-lot for 4 hours just in case we need some extra feeding and snuggle time. *Petite Newborn Session is 1-2 hours session time. This is extremely important as we operate on "Baby time" so patience is very important for both the photographer and Mom & Dad! Poses take time to perfect (your photographer is a perfectionist) and sometimes baby will fuss a little before they relax into the pose I put them in. Please know that I will never put baby in danger or allow fussing to become anything more than that. Someone will be right with baby at all times.


Sometimes I have an assistant photographer who helps me, but if she is not available then I may ask you to assist me with a hand, finger or just stand next to baby while I step away to grab the shot. For most of the session I want you to relax and enjoy the silence, the break, catch up on some social media and your baby in the sweetest poses.

















Baby is tastefully nude in most of the photographs, baby can be swaddled or be adorned with the cutest prop newborn outfits provided by the photographer. Baby is kept warm by my "baby kryptonite" space heater, blankets and soothed by sounds from the BabyShusher. The studio room does get pretty warm as previously noted (about 76-80 degrees) so don't forget water to keep yourself cool and hydrated! 

Because baby is nude most of the time, there is a very high chance something or someone will get soiled. It happens all the time and the photographer has been christened by tons of babies, it's just part of the job! Linens and the photographer are cleaned prior to each session. I do keep the diaper on loosely in between shots and when moving baby around for Mom and Dad's protection, but I can't guarantee you won't be doodled on if your in a pose with a naked tushy!

I love to have both parents and siblings to attend the sessions! IF your baby has siblings then we start the session with sibling sets. After we finish with siblings/baby I will do family photos if you wish to have them done. Once the family images have been captured I ask that arrangements be made to have Dad/Grandma/Aunt/Friend to leave with the siblings. Driving separate cars works best in this scenario or you can have someone take them to a local park or place for breakfast/lunch. If that is not an option, that's okay we can make it work!

Please dear customers, your Newborn Session is a session of more than 3 hours ... and it is something very intimate, please do not bring guests for example: Grandparents, uncles, friends, godparents etc. My studio is small and I ask that you keep as quiet as possible. If after taking the photos with the Brothers and they do not have a family member who can come for them, I ask them to bring them their tables with headphones, cookies, juice, their favorite snacks.


The Reason to Invest!


The investment of newborn photography is worth every penny. Your baby- that little tiny thing- that you cooked in your belly for 9 long months- that you labored and pained to bring into this world- that tiny little life will grow so fast before your eyes and will begin coo-ing, smiling, crawling, clapping, walking, talking, and stealing your heart with each new and amazing day. The first few months are a blur, the days are long but the weeks pass by so quickly. These moments are fleeting and hard to remember due to lack of sleep, feedings, changing hundreds of diapers, and trying to get back into the swing of life! Newborns are only newborns for a short time. Savor it forever by booking a newborn session and capturing this once in a life time memory!


Newborn Session 

$450 +taxes

Studio Session Include:

Up to 2-3 hours Session Time

15-20 Edited Photos Digital Download Files

Print Release Form

Newborn Outfits, props & backdrops are provided

*Facebook Galley


Petite Newborn Session 

$300 +taxes

Studio Session Include:
Up to 1-2 hours Session Time
2 Newborn Beanbag Backdrop

& Wrap Set poses
*8-10 Edited Photos
Digital Download Files
Print Release Form
Newborn Outfits, props & backdrops are provided
*Facebook Galley



**Sessions Reflect princig for 1 newborn for twins add $100 more.

Add a Maternity Gown for $50 +taxes

Add Nude Newborn

Mommy and Me  Look $40 +taxes

Terms & Conditions

*A Print Release is given with all sessions and collections.

*Photos delivered with a download link

*Accepted payment methods include Cash & Invoice Square

*Deposit are due upon booking & are required to hold your date(s).

*50% deposit fee and Signed Digital Contract required upon time of Booking/Consultation, balance due the day we take the photos
Allow for a 30 Business days turnaround time. Rush requests are available for an additional fee.

*For $70 you may have your editing rushed. You will have your photo’s within 1 week.

This is only available as long as my schedule allows.

                                                  *Deposit are due upon booking & are required to hold your date(s).

*Deposit are non refundable & included in the total price.
*Travel fees may apply to distant destinations. Contact me for a direct quote.
*Sales tax 7.1% will be added to all final payments.

*I do not EVER offer unedited or RAW photos for viewing or for purchase.

*Prices subject to change at any time without notice.

*All Sales are Final. 

**You can Read all my Terms and Conditions in this link**

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