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Maternity Session

Congratulation!!!! If you are looking at this page then that means you must have a bundle of joy on the way....or maybe two....or three (god bless you!) 





























Being pregnant is such an exciting, scary, and uncomfortable journey us as women go through. Up's and down's and the finally of your baby's birth. Our bodies change and morph to bake that new life to perfection. Although we all may not feel like we look stunning or glowing while feeling as big a a whale and missing the sight of our toes and nether regions, we truly are. You won't be able to appreciate this until after your sweet baby is OUT of there and in your arms. 


































Capturing them in that stage is important. So don't think you can't because you already feel disgusting. You aren't I promise. To help you feel more beautiful I offer an array of stunning maternity gowns you and don while in our session. Jus relax I have everything under control,  the only thing you have to worry about is choosing your maternity gowns!!. 

It's best to book your maternity session between 7-8 months (27-33 weeks).

Please plan ahead and schedule at least a few weeks before..








My studio has up 300+ Maternity Gowns

and Maternity Bodysuit

to use for you Maternity Session

Nudity is a personal option and is available in any session in the most discreet nature. for example: You buy a full maternity session includes 3 Maternity Gowns, you can choose 2 maternity gowns and 1 nude look. 




















Gowns are very versatile to wide range of sizes but are clipped in the back for a custom fit.  

If you wish to try on gowns in a separate dress trial prior to your session date,  I am happy to accommodate. There is a $75 fee and these takes place Tuesday - Thursday, 10am-12pm in my home studio at Roy, Utah.  


You will look amazing in any of these beautiful designer gowns!

-  All packages include either an in-studio session or outdoor session. If you would like to do both, please refer to the add ons below.

-  Locations such as the Parks or Lakes in Ogden areas outside Ogden/Roy additional charges may apply.



If you booked a studio session but would also like a couple photos outdoors, or vice versa, this add on will give you 10-15 more minutes of shoot time in/outdoor. Outdoor location is near the studio $100.

Add extra dress/backdrop for Simple package

Add another look/gown/background to your session. 

$50 PER

When will we receive our photos?

You will receive  your images 30 Business Days after your session.

How many pictures will we receive?

You will received only the ones includes in your Maternity Package.

-  At no time are RAW images included in any packages.


New Mexican Style 

Maternity Gowns 


Mexican Style 
Maternity Gowns 

click here to see the new maternity gowns

Maternity Gowns

Maternity Session


Click here for more information

about the Studio Maternity Sessions


Maternity Session Packages

Mini Maternity Session $200 +taxes

this session is only for Mommy to be 


1 Maternity Gown

15 minutes Sessions time

1 outdoor Location or studio 

5 Digital Download Files

Print Release Form

Petite Maternity Session $350 +taxes

this session is only for Mommy to be 


Up to 2 Maternity Gowns

25 minutes Sessions time

1 outdoor Location or studio 

10 Digital Download Files

Print Release Form

Full Maternity Session $450 +taxes

this session is only for Mommy to be and Dad

no kids in this session  


Up to 3 Maternity Gowns

1hour Sessions time

1 outdoor Location or studio 

15-20 Digital Download Files

Print Release Form

Family Maternity Session $500 +taxes

this session is for mommy, daddy and siblings  


Up to 3 Maternity Gowns

1 hour Sessions time

1 outdoor Location or studio 

20-25 Digital Download Files

Print Release Form

 Facebook Galley 

Add One More Gown for $50 +taxes

Add Nude Maternity Look $40 +taxes 


Frequent questions

1. how i choose the maternity gowns? In this page you can see all the gallery of my maternity gowns you can screenshot the ones you are in love.

Click Here Maternity Gown Collections

2. How Many Maternity Gowns i need choose?

Each Maternity Session comes with a certain number of maternity gowns. Petite 2 gowns/ Full/Family 3 gowns


2.1. If my session includes 3 Maternity Gowns i can do a couple nude looks?

You can choose 1 Maternity Gown and 2 nude looks. 

Or pay $40 dollar for add One Nude Look this is only available at studio session.

3. Where am I going to change clothes if we are in the park and there are no bathrooms?

Relax don't worry!! I have a portable clothes changer that gives you the privacy to change.

4. Is there something I need to bring to my session?

Just Nude underwear, strapless brassiere and  jewelry if you like and comfortable shoes because occasionally we walk a little.You can read more

information in this link What i need bring to my session?

5. Do you provide the Flower Crowns?

Yes! i have almost 300 Maternity Gowns, Maternity BodySuit and Accessories.

6. What if the weather is rainy or windy?

You have the option to take your photos in studio or change the date to a day with better weather.

7. You provide makeup and hairstyle?

No for the moment! you need come ready for the photos!!

8. What is your Home Studio Address?

3910 w 6000 s Roy Utah 84067

9. Can I bring my mom and friends to the session?

Not for this moment, only Mommy to be and Dad can be in the studio. if dad can't come, just in this situation you can bring only one additional person can be grandma or a friend.

10. I want to add my Husband and my kid in a couple photos... but i dont want to buy the family maternity session??

Well... you can pay $25 for each additional person add your session. 

For example: you want to get the petite $300 and you want add 3 additional family member husband and 2 kids you total will be $375 session cost plus $75 for add your 3 additional family.

Terms & Conditions

*A Print Release is given with all sessions and collections.

*Photos delivered with a download link

*Accepted payment methods include Cash & Invoice Square

*Deposit are due upon booking & are required to hold your date(s).

*50% deposit fee and Signed Digital Contract required upon time of Booking/Consultation, balance due the day we take the photos
Allow for a 30 Business days turnaround time. Rush requests are available for an additional fee.

*For $70 you may have your editing rushed. You will have your photo’s within 1 week.

This is only available as long as my schedule allows.
*Deposit are due upon booking & are required to hold your date(s).

*Deposit are non refundable & included in the total price.
*Travel fees may apply to distant destinations. Contact me for a direct quote.
*Sales tax 7.2% will be added to all final payments.

*I do not EVER offer unedited or RAW photos for viewing or for purchase.

*Prices subject to change at any time without notice.

*All Sales are Final. 

**Please Read all my Terms and Conditions on this link**

The Maternity Gowns not are for Rent is only Exclusive use of moms who take their maternity session with me!

The session price only include photography services; Paulina Martinez Photography Maternity Session does not include makeup and hairstyle, if you like these services are added to your package you will have to pay $ 100 more for these services. and you have to arrive 2 hours before your photo session to my studio so that your makeup and hairstyle will be done by professionals.

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