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Add some Milk, some Flowers and VOILA – a gorgeous session!

Milk bath photography is a gorgeous session  Where your baby can play with the water with all freedom, and feel the different textures of flowers or cereals that are added to the milk bath depending on whether it is a boy or a girl.

How do you make it look like that?

The baby Milk Bath is 50% Milk and 50% Hot Water, So when you add in two gallons of whole milk at room temperature and the hot water, the result is warm milk bath. Perfect for your baby! Every baby has his own milk bath,  I never use twice the milk bath.

It's a baby girl we can use natural flowers and if it's a boy we can use cereal.

Adding Props

Most of my clients give me the creative freedom to decide what objects and decorations to add to the bath. A plain milk bath will assure that your subject is the main focal point, but flowers and other organic decorations can give it your photo some texture and contrast.

Baby Safety


When deciding to do a milk bath with an infant, I just want to encourage baby safety when photographing in the water. It’s the number-one priority during the shoot! Never leave a baby unattended;  I make sure the water level is not too high; and  I check that the water temperature is safe, Mom and dad always have to be next to the baby, making him feel good and probing those beautiful smiles.

IMPORTANT. always make sure to check with parents about potential milk allergies. 

*You need to bring a towel to dry your baby after the milk bath*

Terms & Conditions

*A Print Release is given with all sessions and collections.

*Accepted payment methods include Cash & Invoice Square

*Deposit are due upon booking & are required to hold your date(s).

*50% deposit fee and Signed Digital Contract required upon time of Booking/Consultation, 

balance due the day we take the photos
*Allow for a 30 days turnaround time. Rush requests are available for an additional fee.
*For $70 you may have your editing rushed. You will have your photo’s within 1 week. 

This is only available as long as my schedule allows.
*Deposit are due upon booking & are required to hold your date(s). 

*They are non refundable & included in the total price.
*Travel fees may apply to distant destinations. Contact me for a direct quote.
*Sales tax 7.1% will be added to all final payments.

*I do not EVER offer unedited or RAW photos for viewing or for purchase.

*Prices subject to change at any time without notice.

*All Sales are Final. 

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