Terms & Conditions

* Under no circumstance Paulina Martinez Photography, takes outdoor photos in bad weather conditions, for example: windy days, rain, snowy days. Why? so that my equipment does not get damaged and for better results of your photos. the wind causes your hair to cover your face and other weather factors may prevent us from taking photos for you. PLEASE  understand that under these circumstances, both for me and your family it is super uncomfortable to take pictures, with bad weather. :::Do not worry you do not lose your appointment we will only change it to a day with better weather:::

*Paulina Martinez Photography does not have the obligation to send  photos by mail, it is the client's obligation to pick them up personally to the studio by appointment only.

*Paulina Martinez Photography deliver the photos via Download Link only, since 2016 I do not deliver photos on CD, just download link so please use the download link for download your photos to your computer for better results.

*Sneak Peek will only be published in my Facebook page of 4 to 6 photos per session the next day of the session in low season and in high season asap i have time to post sneak peeks, if you do not want your sneak peek to be published on my facebook you will have to wait until your photos are ready to see them.

*Only the sneak peek of the sessions that have been paid in full will be published, the sessions that are not paid or are in a payment plan will not be published until the payment is made.

why? because there are clients that last 6 months to pay and as they have seen their photos, and I spend the excitement of seeing them and are not interested in making the payment.

*Sales SessionsAll sessions that were purchased in sales, have to be used in the year they were purchased or can no longer be used, and will lose what they paid.

for samples: You buy a session on Mothers day sale on 2017, so you have all 2018 to use that session if you don't use your session in 2017 you will lose your session No right to ask for your payment to be returned.

Only in the sales of black friday and christmas sales are the only ones that if you buy them in 2017 you can use them in 2018.

*Gift Certificate, when you buy a gift certificate you have one year to use it, from the date you buy it, it starts counting a year to use it. for example:

-you buy a Gift Certificate June 10 2017 you have until June 10 2018 to use the gift certificate, if you don't use it,you will lose your session No right to ask for your payment to be returned.

•While Paulina does capture many images during your session, you will see only those images selected by her, the artist, on your final gallery. She carefully renders each image to ensure maximum artistry and technical perfection. Images with eyes closed, heads turned, duplicates, etc. will not be shown and are removed from my archives permanently after the artist rendering is complete.

*You can also purchase additional photos for $ 10 each

*Never is allowed to take photos during the photographic session, neither by the client, nor by relatives of the client. please avoid the trouble of telling them to save their camera or to leave the studio or the session. no photos with your cell phone or cameras, tables etc

*A Print Release is given with all sessions and collections.

*Accepted payment methods include Cash & Invoice by Square

*Deposit are due upon booking & are required to hold your date(s).

*50% deposit fee and Signed Contract required upon time of Booking/Consultation, balance due the day we take the photos
*Allow for a 30 days turnaround time. Rush requests are available for an additional fee. Read More About my Turnaround Time
*For $70 you may have your editing rushed. You will have your photo’s within 1 week. 

This is only available as long as my schedule allows.

•You agree to hold harmless, Paulina Martinez, Paulina Martinez Photography, Paulina Photos LLC from any dispute in the event you become injured during your session. Paulina Martinez Photography will not be held liable for any injury incurred by you or your family, or any damage to your property during the photo session.
*Deposit are due upon booking & are required to hold your date(s). 

*They are non refundable & included in the total price.
*Travel fees may apply to distant destinations. Contact me for a direct quote.
*Sales tax 7.1% will be added to all final payments.

*I do not EVER offer unedited or RAW photos for viewing or for purchase.

*Prices subject to change at any time without notice.

*All Sales are Final.

*Please come prepared with your payment in the form of either Cash or online through Invoice by Square. 

*Paulina Martinez Photography can change your prices at any time, without prior notice, and if you do not pay your deposit to book your appointment you will have to pay the session with the new price.

**You have to be on time!! 25 minutes late results in only 35 minutes for your session. Please understand i cannot change this rule as i will have another family coming right after you.

** Paulina Martinez Photography choose the best photos to edited and after i get your gallery 

ready you can choose the photos you want in your gallery.

** Paulina Martinez Photography is not obligated to provide clothing, they will use their children 

in the photo sessiones since it is impossible to have clothes of all sizes available. 

** Paulina Martinez Photography has copyright of the photos because she is the artist and the person who took

 the photos, the customer can have the Print release is the permission that is given to you can print your photos.

** Paulina Martinez Photography is not obliged to deliver your photos to salt lake or anywhere outside ogden, 

you have to come in person to pickup your photos to the studio Paulina Martinez Photography.

** Paulina Martinez Photography has the right to use the photos for promotional use and portfolio on facebook, 

internet and social network.

** If you no pickup your photos after a month the photos was ready Paulina Martinez Photography It is not responsible 

and has no obligation to take care of your photos of any damage or loss.

** Paulina Martinez Photography definitely can not make a thinner person, change the tone hair, make hair grow, 

make it high, increasing the bust, or any alteration to his person.

** Paulina Martinez Photography does not reedit photos after they have been published, I have an editing style, 

and if you do not like the way I edit... why you hire my services??

** Paulina Martinez is not responsible for the safety of your children, if you are not aware of them and they suffer 

an accident or break something in the studio, you assume full responsibility. 

** If your photoshoot is 2:00 pm and the session lasts 1 hour and you arrive at 2:30 pm the session will only last the 

time remaining, you should understand that there are more photo sessions scheduled, and if you are late all my 

appointments will be late just for you!! so sorry we only we take the photos in the remaining time.

**if for reasons of bad weather, Paulina Martinez Photography see that we can not take the photos, you will have to make a new appointment, when the weather improves.

** if you wish to cancel your appointment please let me know the earliest possible time, within 24 hours before, 

and we can make a new appointment without losing your deposit if you cancel less than 6 hours you lose your deposit.

** Any design or change in your photos has an extra cost if you want to add letters or make collage design will cost 

extra, please consult costs with Paulina Martinez Photography.

More Terms!

Returning Clients! 

Paulina Martinez Photography Offer $20 off for Returning Clients. Session Must Take Place within 6 Months from recent Session to receive discount, Mini Sessions are Excluded from this special.

Specials or Discounts cannot be combined.
One Special or Discount Per Session. 
Discounts Can be Used every 6 months

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