How enter to

my Home Studio!

212 W 5350 S Washington Terrace 84405, Utah

to enter to my studio you need go to the backyard

Para entrar a mi studio tiene que irse por la parte de atrás de la casa junto al jardín de atrás.

you can parking here!  /  Usted se puede estacionar aquí en la parte amarilla!

in the yellow part you can parking your car, and walk to the backyard, so you can see the white door of my studio...

En la parte marcada con amarillo puede estacionar su carro y caminar hasta mi patio trasero para poder ver la puerta blanca de mi studio...

You must be on time 10 minutes late results in only 10 minutes for your session. Please understand we cannot change this rule as we will have another kid coming right after you.

You can get to my studio 5 minutes before your appoinment.

You kids need be ready Come dressed in your finest holiday outfits or your favorite PJs. 

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